Architects & Designers

We’d love an opportunity to have a conversation during your Contractor selection process, and believe we have the capacity and reputation necessary to build your projects. We’d like to partner with you in the pre-construction phase, and add value that frees up your time and resources. We are happy to act as your local permitting coordination liaison.

Our company owner is a licensed Professional Engineer who is very accustomed to working alongside other design professionals. We understand what you need, and are here to support your process.

We’re 100% online and fluent in CAD, BlueBeam, & DropBox for exchanging drawing files – no need for printing and mailing drawings. Additionally we document, communicate, and track every step of the project through an interactive online system. Each home project has it’s own secure and private online presence where specifications, budget, schedule, daily progress log, and project photos are shown in real-time. Architects & Designers are tied into our communication loop 24/7.

In our experience, working with talented architects and designers is a great opportunity for the client and ourselves. The results are remarkable when a team of professionals take a home project from conception to completion.

Our Project Portfolio